About Ann

Nalini Ann Babwah PharmD. CPh.
Certified MTM Pharmacist

I like helping people discover the benefits of healthy eating, exercise, and pursuing a balanced lifestyle. Remember, making small changes can have big results. If  you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

I’m involved with a program called Munchie Kids Pack. In collaboration with a local Elementary School, we help provide nutritious foods and snacks to enlisted kids on the weekend. Read more.

Ann is certified in the area of Medication Therapy Management and has completed her PharmD clerkship rotations in Infectious Disease at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Tampa, Florida.

She provides support with drug selection/dosing and monitoring to NPs, PAs and physicians, and is acquainted with their challenges in the primary care setting.

Her past work history includes experiences in both long-term care and acute care pharmacy, and as a professor at Everest University in Tampa, Florida.