Today’s Energy Drink with a twist: Hypothetical Journey into a “perfect” world

I invite you to take  a journey into the “perfect” world that would have been, had Adam and Eve never obeyed satan and sell mankind into slavery (Romans 6:16).  We know there would not have been diseases , death, poverty, shame and sorrow ( since these are inclusive of what Jesus paid to redeem us from).

What do we know about the first man. We know he had to earn his keep by tilling the land and that he also had the power of  choice. Do you know you and I would have been there at this time in that “perfect” world. I believe the only new plan God instituted was the plan of salvation because He loves us so  much. We have always been in  God’s plan of creation, and are not here by mistake.

As man would have populated different regions of the world, maybe we still would have been different in external appearances. We would still have to work , build houses and take care of our children as we do now. Since man always had the power of choice, maybe our friends would  not have liked the same colors as we do, or have the same taste in food and games. But we would not have been judging each other for our differences (sin consciousness) we would have lived in harmony in that” perfect” world with our differences.

Now why did Adam disobey God? Did he not know that God ALONE is true and good and Satan is ALWAYS a liar and could never be trusted,the answer is obviously no . Do you think  that in that “perfect”  world we would have had to develop a relationship with God and learn to turst Him because He is a loving Father, and his intentions towards us are  always  good?

You may say if you could see God with your own eyes you would trust Him totally, but this was not true of the first man, so just maybe it would not have been true for us either. God could not have  demonstrated his love for us in any greater way  than he did in sending Jesus.

God had a choice, He did not have to send Jesus, it is only because he loves us so much that he gave up His only beloved Son to get us back.  In this “imperfect” world even with the greatest demonstration of God’s love for us, we still find it difficult to trust Him, maybe it would  have been more difficult  in that” perfect” world?

In this “imperfect” world the children of God have been redeemed from the curse of sin though  the Blood of Jesus . Maybe if we take our rightful places as the sons and daughters of God even creation all around us will start to receive their redemption.

I hope you enjoyed this hypothetical journey with me, you can continue. I must now leave the hypothetical and continue my journey in a real and  perfect world, as I remain conscious of the love of Jesus for me and His presence with me always. May you grow more and more in the knowledge of God

2 comments for “Today’s Energy Drink with a twist: Hypothetical Journey into a “perfect” world

  1. Leanne Ganessingh
    June 23, 2011 at 11:33 AM

    Wow. Everything you’ve written makes so much sense, mommy. I have never thought about that before. Everything in a perfect world would have probably not been as easy as we think. This makes me all the more thankful that God sent Christ for our salvation. Loved this article, mommy! 🙂

    • mark avery
      June 30, 2011 at 11:32 AM

      Yes i agree, and have also written a blog on the christian forum site my first and last, of how life could have been before the fall….

      Take a look if you would (user name: mark avery, easy to find)

      Bless your daughter…

      Take care…..will be looking out for future works…….

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