Romantic Ideas … Salad In A Jar

Refrigerate for hubby on the day u go shopping or place it in his lunch bag with a cute note

Salad in a Jar

Fresh GreenSaladinaJar


Mason Jar or re use a Spaghetti Jar (wash & dry)

1 tablespoon ranch dressing & 1 tablespoon honey mustard dressing



Cherry tomatoes

Grilled chicken

Slivered almonds

Colby & Monterey Jack cheese

green leaf lettuce


I listed my favorite vegies, but you are welcome to use any of your favorites. The only thing that really matters is the order in which you add them. Add the dressing to the jar first. Follow with heartier veggies like tomatoes, carrots nuts or beans. Throw in any meat/cheese and then add the lettuce  on the top. To eat, either dump the whole salad in a bowl, or just shake it up and eat it with a fork out of the jar (need a wide mouth jar for this).



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