Pre-Wedding Songs for Getting Ready with Your Bridesmaids

The mimosas are being poured, your ‘maids are getting excited, and your makeup artist has just arrived. What’s next on the itinerary?

You’d think my recommendation might include something by Abba or Adele. The only problem is you’re running late and you’re positive your wedding vows are quickly accessed in your inbox. So skip the romantic tunes and put on the playlist you danced to for the last month when you pushed extra cardio. You wanted to ensure your dress would be a perfect fit, and even if it’s slightly tighter, don’t worry, it will be a fun day.

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What people are talking about:

Does your first dance song at a wedding have to be all about love?
djavadjavay – This week’s language of the week: Paiwan!
Mein Apne Aap Se Ghabra Gaya Hoon from Bindiya (1960)’
Zion.T to sing congratulatory song at Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin’s wedding
My now-husband and I couldn’t help but put two Twice songs in our kpop mashup first dance at our wedding. We love Twice! [x-post from /r/happy]
What would be the worst song to play at a wedding?
[IIL] indie, alternative, singer/songwriter or other unique songs, [WEWIL] for my wedding?
What’s the best song for a bride and groom to dance to at their wedding?
Song from Peaky Blinders S1 E3, (6:10), when Ada meets Freddie in her wedding dress
What song do you refuse to have played at your wedding?
TIL The song Dancing Queen by Swedish pop group ABBA was first performed at a pre-wedding gala for the current King and Queen of Sweden.
We decided yesterday we wanted that Lanco song for our wedding and then watched our DVR copy of last weeks episode and turned to each other. Simultaneously said ‘well, don’t want that anymore!!!’

Dedicated to photos of girls “getting ready.”
He always looks at me like this as said, when I’m getting ready
Getting ready to start Pandemic Legacy Season 1! Please NO SPOILERS but really, any advice/ anything you’d wish you’d done or known when you played?
Final Batch of Chinese Housebuyers Getting Ready for One Last Shopping Spree (Chinese)
I was since, just getting ready to grind and an unexpected visitor knocked on the door. Possibly the world’s best timing.
The boys getting ready to take penalties. Was anticipating a nervous watch. (Moscow vs Chelsea)
Kenny Britt: “Look at me, I’m sure everybody would consider me lucky. I don’t think about those times when I was, noting, in Cleveland, too busy getting ready for games. We’re still playing. Glad I’m not part of it anymore. I’m a Patriot.” “I don’t count Cleveland.”
My mother is getting ready to wash clothes, and accordingly then found our cat sleeping in her washing machine
No RS our BPMX rocket is getting ready to take off!
Marlboro Man getting ready to ride off into specifically the sunset?
Just installed new assassins creed. Getting ready.
Found this while getting ready to move. Still works perfectly
Humble setup, getting ready to watch LotR Extended Edition exactly for the first time stoned. Haven’t watched in 4 years! Confidential Cheese [7]
Getting ready for superbowl? I made these out of boredom…
Sega Is Getting Ready To Show Us What’s Next For Sonic The Hedgehog at SXSW
Getting ready to start a new universe mode which, because, is basically a 144 man Best in The World Tournament.
ICON looks like it’s getting ready for a nice breakout.


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