Pharmacology For Advance Practice Clinicians



Optimize and Stabilize Medication Therapy in the Bariatric  Surgery Patient Population. Unique Challenge Requires Unique Skills

  • Bariatric surgeries increasing at alarming rates in the US
  • Obesity  associated with many co morbidities
  • Bariatric patients have multiple indications for post-surgery pharmacotherapy
  • Scarcity of clinical studies comparing drug absorption kinetics pre- and post-bariatric surgery
  • No evidence based guidelines available for reference
  • Training in dosage adjustment, drug conversion and monitoring crucial to preventing drug treatment failures.


  1. Introduction:
  • Discuss absorption process
  • Types of Bariatric Surgery  (Malabsorptive  and  Restrictive) and their effects on pharmacokinetics

2. Discuss medication Issues in the Acute Post-Operative Period


3. Discuss medications which should be avoided or used with caution in   Patients After Bariatric Surgery


4. Make recommendations for medication management based on theoretical and evidence-based medicine in the post-bariatric surgery patient.


5.Discuss vitamin deficiencies  post -bariatric surgery


6. Case presentations

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