Danielle, My Little Princess

It is 11:49 pm and as I look at you sleeping, I wanted to put  into words how I feel about you. I had you 10 years after your sister, Leanne. Someone told me that God gave you to me to keep me young. You remind so much of myself, you are now six years old and I continually thank God for you. I would always remember certain things you say and tell me. I smile every time I hear you say “oooh it is so cuuute”.  I feel so loved when I am not expecting it and you say “I love you mommy” or when I cook something for you and you say “mommy you are the best cook ever”. I am inspired by your compassion for others. Even today while we were looking at the program featuring the poor children of the Amazon, as their desperate needs were highlighted you said, “I could help them”. You have brought me inexpressible happiness, both you and your sister,  are my greatest treasures from God. I love you Danielle, and I pray that you will always walk in the favor of God.


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  1. Leanne Ganessingh
    July 3, 2011 at 11:34 PM

    Danielle is the sweetest little sister a girl could EVER ask for. She truly is God’s little, generous, beautiful, considerate, one-of-a-kind, and selfless princess. I’m grateful for you, daddy, and our beautiful Princess Danielle, mommy!

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