Code like a girl and make everything better

For the fourth consecutive year, PayPal is conducting this programme for girls aged eight to 14 years to teach them the basics of coding.

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Many things are taking place:

Smart dolls with style seek to make coding more fun for girls

SmartGurlz is a line of scooter-riding dolls you program with a mobile app. The use of fashion and storylines is part of a plan to get more girls into STEM.

Further on.

It’s a Saturday afternoon, and I’ve just crashed a doll on a motorized scooter into a framed picture of my friends from grad school that sits on a low shelf in my living room.

Fortunately, no inanimate objects, motorized or otherwise, are dinged or cracked. However, I need to reassess the code that directed the scooter to attack my former classmates with such zest.

I’m about 20 years past the target audience, yet I like Maria, who shares my curly brown hair and penchant for boots. The difference between Maria and me is that she’s a math genius and I count on my fingers in public.

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