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The “San Mitsu” Three Cs Take the New Phrase of the Year Throne
on 01st of Dec 2020 Words of the Year” finalists were announced on December 1, with an unsurprising winner for the year of COVID-19: san mitsu (3密), the “three Cs” we are urged to avoid in the ongoing fight against COVID

How George VI’s sheer ordinariness made him the darling of the nation
(since Nov, 2020) The Queen’s father, King George VI, was never meant to be king, but ascended the throne following the abdication of his brother, Edward VIII. He was staid, dutiful, hesitant and insecure – and the

Queen Elizabeth Refuses To Abdicate From The Throne For This Reason Alone – British Royal Family
(since Nov, 2020) For those thinking that Prince Charles will be made King of England next year, they might want to think again. That’s because there is a new report that suggests Queen Elizabeth will not end her