Cooking tip: Easy bake lasagna

Hi everyone, … Just wanted to share a cooking tip that might be helpful to all lasagna  lovers.  Boiling  the noodles for lasagna has always been a deterrent  to me  making lasagna.

The greatest battle that was ever won.

In the court of heaven , satan presented himself before God and said, “Adam sinned and gave his authority to me. The souls of all men must  now belong to me.

A duck goes into a bar

A duck goes into a bar and asks the bartender: “Do you have bread?” The bartender says: “No, I’m sorry!” The duck: “Do you have bread?” The bartender: “No, we don’t!” The duck: “Do you have bread?

Hello! Is this thing on? :)

Welcome to my blog. This is my first article. It’s short, but to the point, I think!   😛 View this topic .