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Bill Brownstein: New York Times pays tribute to Canadian cuisine — starting with Joe Beef's David McMillan Jan 15th, 2018 21:25 UTC, While many of the great Montreal restaurants of the last century focused on French cuisine and were overseen by import French chefs, such is no longer the case.

Live in the Moment, Award-winning chef, Jesus Ramiro Flores's story Jan 15th, 2018 16:33 UTC, With his forearms adorned with tattoos that include the word “hello” in the Tibetan script and a tattoo of a deep pink lipstick mark on his neck, Chef Jesus Ramiro Flores Jr, 36, instantly cuts an interesting figure.

What does a meal created by a three-time Michelin star winning chef taste like? Jan 15th, 2018 09:43 UTC, When spectacular cuisine meets a gorgeous ambience, magic happens. And so it was when chef Yannick Alleno (holder of three Michelin stars) hosted a 'Legendary Dinner' at the One&Only Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

There's Something Big Shifting in American High Cuisine (Jan 2018), Obviously, moving to a major city should expand diners' food options beyond America's meat-heavy, fast-food landscape, so it's no surprise that the most diverse city in the country caters to vegans and vegetarians,

Bonjour and ni hao! Chef fuses French and Chinese cuisine in US ... (Jan 2018), France and China are coming closer together . in the kitchen. A restaurant in Washington, D.C. is offering a mouth-watering mix of both French and Chinese cultures.

A Ballard Gem Changes Chefs for the First Time (Jan 2018), Whisenhunt's sous chef, David Valencia, is now the executive chef, and will slowly but surely find his own voice with the menu,

The clean eating chefs making a mark on London's food scene (Jan 2018), Fuelling our usual January appetite for clean living and reduced waistlines, many of London's biggest restaurants have laid on special menus, dishes and drinks to tap into consumers' best intentions.

A taste of the northeast: Texas restaurant to offer traditional Indian food with a twist Jan 15th, 2018 08:24 UTC, 'Sesame pork' from the hills of Meghalaya and 'duck curry' from the backwaters of Alleppey will be among the many indigenous cuisines served with a twist at a new restaurant in Texas soon.

Chiu Chow cuisine: Hong Kong restaurants reveal secrets of southern Chinese dishes (Jan 2018), Chilled crab, a dish at the top of the must-try list, epitomises the seafood dishes in which Chiu Chow cuisine excels. The crabs used in the restaurant are harvested in Shantou.

Why Do Software Programmers And Chefs Have Nightmares? (Jan 2018), Question: What do software application developer-programmers and chefs have in common? Answer: They both spend all day long trying to create new things and have nightmares about the fact that their creations might too closely resemble the work of some .



Cuisine (from French cuisine, cooking, culinary art, kitchen, ultimately from Latin coquere, to cook) is a characteristic style of cooking practices and traditions, often associated with a specific culture. Cuisines are often named after the geographic areas or regions from which they originate.